Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

Pempek Kapal Selam, Maknyus

Treats from the city of Palembang is certainly very tempting tastes. Made from refined corn starch and fish with vinegar sauce inseparable. None the less if you eat pempek kapal selam without "cuko" made of a mixture of garlic seasoning, cayenne pepper and brown sugar. Yes .. the name pempek "kapal selam", not warships sea diving in heavy foundation, but because of its round shape slightly oval containing spherical eggs cooked in it.

In addition to the savory flavor of processed fish plus the spicy aroma of vinegar that makes the tongue will always be reminded to the audience. Before eating, if at sniffing alone, sago and fish batter character and aroma of garlic in vinegar makes the tongue could not help feeling adventurous. Presented after cooking or after the course stew, pempek which is containing egg cooked in make a tongue sway. Moreover gravy "cuko" palembang the call, make the audience want to continue to enjoy it. Usually complement pempek kapal selam is yellow noodles, and sprinkled with sliced ​​cucumber and a sprinkling of dried shrimp that have been mashed. For one portion, usually pempek kapal selam sold Rp. 8000, up to Rp. 10,000, depending on where the spot sales, in the restaurant or in the regular stalls.

Yes, a processed fish from Palembang will never bore you enjoy it. For the first time to taste the culinary specialties Palembang city makes want to add and add again. No wonder the restaurant providing palembang pempek in several cities outside the city of Palembang. Snacks Palembang was never makes the audience feel bored to enjoy it, even if you've never eaten one, would like to add on ... Maknyus ... @ __ @ hmmm yummy and spicy ...

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  1. It's look delicious, humm really wanna taste it :)

  2. thank you mba,, nice to try it if you wanna cook it. @__@

  3. Wah.. ini nyenengin banget mbacanya... Eh tapi kalo untuk share ke VIVAlog musti bahasa Indonesia :|