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Jakabaring Sport City

Palembang Tourism Icon

26th SEA Games was held on November 2011, has made all the national and Asian eyes, fixed on a place in the city of Palembang named Jakabaring. One of the grand sporting event venues countries of Southeast Asia besides Jakarta. A few months before the implementation of the SEA Games, some venues that will be used is still in the process of finishing. Cases of corruption of the house athletes reporting that has become a national issue. National media coverage when it doubted the readiness of Palembang as the host. Fortunately, the hard work of the government of South Sumatra Province to fruition, although many things are less than perfect but the implementation of the SEA Games on November 2011 and left much of an impression hearts of the athletes, and the public official who witnessed it.

One particular interest to my mind when covering the region's world-class sport, building area of Jakabaring Sport City is almost entirely so manicured. Government's intention to make Jakabaring Sport City as a coaching athletes so visible. Evidently, South Sumatra to host the Sports and Arts Week IX Polytechnic as Indonesia in Jakabaring Sport City Palembang, 14-21 October 2012. Not only that, "The South Sumatra Governor Cup 2012 Aerobic Gymnastics Championships 3rd Asian, Asian Age Group 1 Competition" held at the arena former SEA Games Top-26 in the House Jakabaring Ranau. Indonesian society is certainly hoped that the wide range of sports and coaching championship athletes in the title in Palembang Jakabaring can improve the ability of Indonesia has competitive athletes with athletes from other countries.

Now, Jakabaring Region Sport City become the new icon in the city of Palembang tourism. There are so many people who come and visit there, especially on weekends. They average around one venue to another venue for photos. Yet almost no one can see them except SEA Games venues and lakes. The historical value that this place has lasted a grand sporting event the countries of Southeast Asia with a spectacular opening and closing and also successfully regain the overall champion title that has not been our achievements, became the pride of the Indonesian people to perpetuate their existence in this place.

Given in Palembang itself now can be said to still minimal recreation facilities. It is the time the Government of South Sumatra Province, and all his staff thought to make the area Jakabaring Sport City as sport tourist area, where visitors can work out at once traveled.

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