Minggu, 09 Agustus 2015

The Story of My Life

I was born at Lampung on February 20, 1986. I am the youngest daugther of my parents. My elder brother and my lovely sister, both are entrepreneurs especially in computer and its tools. My gorgeous father is retired technician from one of populer communication company in Indonesia and now he is running his own small business. While, my mother is great household wife and mom who has her own small business also. Yeah... All of my family are entrepreneur. This condition is different with my life now. I am is one of creative team of television company in Jakarta. Ok, I still work with the other, not become my own business yet.

However, I eager to be an entrepreneur woman who has her own business and employee. I have purpose in my life one day I will be my own boss, create my own brand, get to do what I’m interested in. I really  want to have business of Education, that is learning institution near my home at the village. Give the best education for kids of village with low price and family service. Although I didn't come from Education background of my bachelor degree but I am interested in teaching specialy english study. Actually, I was graduated as English Literature bachelor degree. I really want take master degree of Education Management to support my purpose future to be profesional teacher also entrepreneur in education project. Beside, I also eager to be a writer of book, novel and writing creation that can be found easily in book store and can be read by many people. There is any great proverb said that writing is eternal wealth. You know why? Idea of writing that is written to be book is knowledge that can be read everyone and every time.

Now, I still work as writer and  a creative of television company. During the breaks, I often spend my time to write everthing, such as an article, short story, and others in my blog. Writing is not only my hobby, but also my goal become a famous writer. One day in my life I have education institution for kids at once I have some book and novel written by my name. Yeah, to reach my goals I must be fight from today until I can conquer the world by my hands and prayer by my lovely mom and father. My achievement in writing that make me encourage to write is become the first winner Voice of America bloging contest on September 2012. I really suprised when I have been called by Voice of America officer that said I have been selected as the first winner of blogging contest that held.

Hadiah Ipad 2 Apple dari VOA Indonesia

Praise to God, I read and follow Wempy Dyocta Koto Award. I try do my best to be the winner of this award. I would be worthed to be mentored by suspicious experts in business and training. Hopefully, I will be selected as one of the winner. I really want to be mentored by Indonesia and International billionaires, millionaires, royalty, business, entrepreneur and creative leaders for inspiring 12 months. Oh...my Godness it is so outstanding to be stand beside them after all. I will be get new knowledges, experiences, entrepreneurial spirit and new best friends also great mentor to conquer my dream come true. Aamiin.

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